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Vivo Night Market North -

One Stop on Your Best. Summer. Ever. 

Vivo Night Market North is a gathering space like the ones from your childhood – a place to meet, get to know, and enjoy time together with your neighbours and family. It is a place to gain new experiences and enjoy the vibrancy of the community.

We are reviving community connection to create an atmosphere of fun, creativity, and togetherness through delicious food, entertainment, and an incredible show of talented, local vendors.

If you would like to become a vendor, you will need to submit a vendor application, indicating the dates you are interested in, the type of product you are selling, and what size of booth you would like.

If you are interested registering for the July 6 Stampede event, it is required that you register for at least one additional day. This is due to the high demand and our desire to ensure that all events have the best possible vendors to create the best possible Night Market North experience for our shoppers and our community.

Please ensure that you review in the Information Package below for important information about dates, fees, and additional details about Vivo Night Market North. 



If you are interested in participating as a vendor, please check out the information included in the below package.

Here you'll find everything you need to know about pricing, dates, events times and the role Vivo will play in making this series of events a huge success. 

You'll also learn about some awesome opportunities for sponsorship and how you can get involved with our largest event of the year: The Vivo Stampede BBQ! 


If you like what you saw in the information package, and you want to go ahead an apply to participate, download the Vendor Application below. 

Please ensure that you include all required information and documents to ensure that your application is considered. 

If you have any questions about the application, please contact us at